A downloadable game for Windows

General Orca has begun a campaign of revenge on Earth 2, and it is up to you, the Turborbital Galactic Defender and best car pilot the world has ever known, to save the day.

For 1 or 2 players. Player 1 uses WASD (or gamepad 1), Player 2 uses arrow keys (or gamepad 2)

Left and right adjust your speed, up shoots, and down uses your powerups: if you have 1 powerup, it heals you, if you have 2 powerups, it reloads, and if you have 4 powerups, it engages Turbo Mode.

Designed/Programmed by Zeno Dellby

Art by Emmy Toyonaga (https://emmytoyonaga.itch.io/)

UI and Tech Art Programming (except the buggy in-level UI) by dogs4walks

Title by Alden Verdan (https://www.behance.net/aldenverdan)


Turborbital Jam.zip 16 MB

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